a field far afield
or near
is not
a fact
unless one mean before the fact
across a cross
or crosses across
a dog / my dog / not my dog / the dog
to whom I am bound by relation
runs (or walks) across
his movements ac
companied by clouds
of locust
who flit / in all / directions
but not just any any
which one (direction)
is not
disorder not
chosen by
reason or / instinct but
of an order
each one
(a direction / a locust / a dog)
marking a limb taken
of a crossroads
at a crossroads
any which one
equal to
all others (a crossroads) across
a plane or planes (multiple)
of innumerable (not infinite)
unconscionable and
legible (in the in
stant of)
crossroads and they
become in this way
divine profane
as well
as a god in all creation
from the front
as a devil among minions
from behind
when he sits they rest and
when he moves they move flit
curse bless pass
through over
the field and

a field moves, a fact
a field is, as is, is not


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