Vampyroteuthis Infernalis

I can state unequivocally that Vilém Flusser is my favorite philosopher of all time.  It’s impossible for me to calculate the impact that he has had on my thought, my writing, my world. If he had played sax he would have been John Coltrane. If he played guitar he would have been a Beatle. So it has been my distinct pleasure over the past few weeks to write a review of Flusser’s recently translated Vampyroteuthis Infernalis for American Book Review. The review reviews the translation of the Brazilian Portuguese manuscript of the work published several months ago by Atropos; a separate translation of the German first edition of the book has just come out from U of Minnesota Press and I’m eagerly awaiting it in the mail. (You have to love any author who dares publish an “original” edition that is a secondary translation.) In any event, the review of my favorite philosopher has provided me the opportunity to write the favorite paragraph I’ve ever written:

As a species humans have produced precious few theorists of squid life.  Perhaps this is the case because squid theory does not merely present a slippery slope for human thought, but is just downright slippery.  Some squids are not squids at all in fact.  They are philosophers, artists.

Things get strange from there. I’m going out to have sushi tonight. I will make it a point to snack on ika and tako.


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