I’d rather work than blog

Simple enough. A couple of months ago I found myself blogging more than writing. Not good. Election craziness rather than critical theory. Not good. So I stopped, blogging that is, and started writing. And it was good. In the meantime, some stuff happened. News and stuff. A re-election. Good news. Some travels, some new tunes, a new puppy, happiness. When you’re blogging all the time, you see the world in terms of the next blog post. But in fact the world can move at its own pace, and when you stop blogging you remember to realize that. So after you finish the next sentence, fold down the laptop, put it to sleep, pet the new puppy (and let him lick your face), get back to work (well… tomorrow morning), and raise a glass (Johnson Family, CabSauv, 2009) to a slow world moving at a pace that remains, after all, felicitously analog…


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